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© Dark Horse (US)

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[VO] 9-11
Datejanvier 2002
EditeurDark Horse (US)
Série9-11, numéro 1
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- [Couverture], Drooker Eric (D)
- In Flanders Fields, [Récit complet], McCrea John (S), Russell P. Craig (SDE), Kindzierski Lovern (C), Digital Chameleon (C)
- [Illustration], Powell Eric (D)
- Prayer, [Récit complet], Muth Jon J. (SDC)
- He Walks On Air, [Récit complet], Chelsea David (SDE), Dodge Bill (DE)
- [Récit complet], Nowlan Kevin (DE)
- Mind The Gap, [Récit complet], Sloboda Paul (SDE)
- Sacrifice, [Récit complet], Chadwick Paul (SDE)
- Zero Degrees Of Seperation, [Récit complet], Stradley Randy (S), Gibbons Dave (DE)
- 3 Second Impact, [Récit complet], Morse Scott (SDE)
- After so many deaths I live and write - George Herbert, [Récit complet], Elliott Phil (SDE)
- When we whisper into darkness..., [Récit complet], Myrick Leland (SDE)
- Please Stand By..., [Récit complet], Loeb Jeph (S), Campbell J. Scott (DE), Miller Brian (C), Hi-Fi Colour Design (C)
- [Illustration], Meglia Carlos (D)
- Pull my finger!, [Récit complet], Martin Mark (SDE)
- Pop-Grief, [Récit complet], TenNapel Douglas (SDE)
- [Illustration], Yu Leinil Francis (D)
- Massacre, [Récit complet], Diana Mike (SDE), Stewart Dave (C)
- That transaction made more than twenty-five million..., [Récit complet], Maiztegui Pablo (S), Solano Lopez Francisco (DE)
- An Expert Opinion, [Récit complet], Macan Darko (SD), Solanovic Robert (E), Tikulin-Tico Tihomir (C)
- My nail-clippers!?!, [Récit complet], Robbins Trina (S), Timmons Anne (DE)
- 9/12, [Récit complet], Cooper Dave (SDE)
- Before The Fall, 2001, [Récit complet], Anderson Terry (SDE), Stewart Dave (C)
- Excerpt from Flood, [Récit complet], Drooker Eric (SDEC)
- How..., [Récit complet], Valentino Jim (SDE)
- Portland, OR., [Récit complet], Rich Jamie S. (S), Clugston-Major Chynna (DE), Major Guy (C)
- Reason, [Illustration], McKean Dave (D)
- Clowns' Day Off, [Récit complet], Langridge Roger (SDE)
- Uncertain Process, [Récit complet], Casey Joe (S), Phillips Sean (DEC)
- My appointment at 10:30 A.M. was supposed to be the opportunity of a lifetime..., [Récit complet], Presing Bill (SDE), Phillip Nijo (S)
- Dear God, Allah, Supreme Spaceman..., [Illustration], Moriarity Pat (D)
- 10-7-01, [Récit complet], Horrocks Dylan (SDE)
- Sunday Mourning, [Récit complet], Johnston Antony (S), Norton Mike (DE)
- It doesn't seem possible, but falling water carves mountain into sand., [Récit complet], Lawler Layla (SDE)
- I'm sick of flags., [Récit complet], Miller Frank (SDE)
- September 11, 2001. It was supposed to start off the same as any other day., [Récit complet], Pachoumis Peter (SDE), Chuckry Chris (C)
- The Patriot, [Récit complet], Leon John Paul (SDE)
- What's Important, [Récit complet], Darnall Steve (S), Barta Hilary (DE)
- Please stand by, we will continue to Pentagon Station in one moment., [Récit complet], Ross Laurie (SDE)
- The Sky Was So Blue That Day, [Récit complet], Casarosa Enrico (SDE)
- [Illustration], Banyai Istvan (D)
- Shoes!, [Récit complet], Stout William (D)
- Arab Americans, [Récit complet], Mahfood Jim (SDE)
- A View From D.C., [Récit complet], Snyder John K. III (SDEC)
- [Récit complet], Alvarez David (SDE)
- Move now! Go, go, go!, [Récit complet], Noxon Marti (S), Huddleston Mike (DE), Stewart Dave (C)
- New York Report, [Récit complet], Sikoryak Robert (SDE)
- Which One Is Real?, [Récit complet], Harris Bob (S), Ruth Greg (DE)
- Bonjour, [Récit complet], Liniers (SDE)
- September 11th 2001 was the day before I was due to fly to Washington for SPX..., [Récit complet], Talbot Bryan (SDE)
- Some of us came to escape religious oppression., [Récit complet]McDonald Brian (SDEC), O'Connell Brian (SDEC)
- Such a big blue sky!, [Récit complet], Pien Lark (SDE)
- Excerpt from The Building, [Récit complet], Eisner Will (SDE)
- [Illustration], Kuper Peter (D)
- Whitman's Dream, [Récit complet], Whitman Walt (S), Alcatena Enrique (DE)
- I woke that morning from a dream of my father's voice on the telephone., [Récit complet], Croall Marie (S), Jolley Dan (S), Powell Eric (DEC)
- Wake up!, [Récit complet], O'Connell Mitch (SDEC)
- When They Sound That Last All Clear, [Récit complet], Walsh Stephen (S), Davis Guy (DE)
- What could I say?, [Récit complet], Edwards Tommy Lee (SDE), Edwards Melissa (C)
- Jeremiah 17, 7-9, [Récit complet], Friedmann Mira (SDEC)
- Just Answer The Phone, [Récit complet], Renier Aaron (SDE)
- Pictured: One of the two giant Buddha statues that stood..., [Récit complet], Ramos Humberto (SDE), Studio F (C)
- Los Angeles, [Récit complet], Henderson Sam (SDE)
- Scenes From An Airport, [Récit complet], Hall Jason (S), Herman Todd (DE), Broeker Todd (C)
- Last Rites First Heroes, [Illustration], Brown Dawn (D)
- Tribute To Balbir Singh Sodhi, [Récit complet], Pulido Brian (S), Reis Ivan (D), Pimentel Joe (E), Hi-Fi Colour Design (C)
- Simple Physics, [Récit complet], Nicieza Fabian (S), Richards Cliff (D), Conrad Will (EC)
- Close To Home, [Récit complet], Eliopoulos Chris (SDE)
- Jersey City, NJ, A Night Of Rememberance., [Illustration], Hedden Rich (D)
- Maybe Next Year..., [Récit complet], Fabbri Davide (SDE), Delgado Edgar (C)
- [Illustration], Sanda Tsuneo (D)
- Casting Call, [Récit complet], Lash Batton (SDE)
- NYC 9-11-1 And After, [Récit complet], Mignola Mike (SDE), Stewart Dave (C)
- Sometimes we forget..., [Récit complet], Biggs Brian (SDEC)
- T.V. Exec Visits Ground Zero, [Récit complet], Smigel Robert (S), Kupperman Michael (DE)
- Nothing But You On My Mind, [Récit complet], Brooks Art (S), Torres Adela (S), Acuña Daniel (DE)
- In dreams..., [Récit complet], Strøm Kellie (SDE)
- [Illustration], Maleev Alex (D)
- Before The Fall, [Récit complet], Motter Dean (SDE)
- The Shift, [Récit complet], DeFalco Tom (S), Yates Kelly (D), Ketcham Rick (E), McCaig Dave (C)
- It is late morning. the streets are empty., [Récit complet], Cloonan Becky (SDE)
- In a moment, the world exploded..., [Récit complet], Ostrander John (S), Mitchell Mary (DE)
- [Illustration], Getsiv Mike (D)
- We all remember where we were when the attacks happened., [Récit complet], Niles Steve (S), Lee Paul (DC)
- Ordinary Heroes, [Récit complet], Stern Roger (S), Orsak Joe (DE)
- [Illustration], Stenbeck Ben (D)
- Los Angeles, 11-ish., [Récit complet], Banes Stephen (S), Burwell Guy (DE)
- The events of that day left an indescribable effect of horror and gloom on me., [Récit complet], Gill Tatiana (SDEC)
- [Récit complet], Kirkman Robert (S), Moore Tony (DE)
- In The House Of Light, [Récit complet], Carey Mike (S), Collins Mike (DC), Townsend Lee (E)
- Ayekah, [Récit complet], Boyd Ron (SDE)
- Close, [Récit complet], Torres J. (S), Rolston Steve (DE), Struble Shaughn (C)
- There I am with my two friends Kim and Allie., [Récit complet]Kilkenny Eric (SDE), Hill Jim (SDE)
- If, [Récit complet], Rosenthal Marc (SDEC)
- [Illustration], Agreda Jose Luis (D)
- News, [Récit complet], Millionaire Tony (SDE)
- This is not a bomb., [Illustration], Guarnaccia Steve (D)
- The Last Time I Was In New York City..., [Récit complet], Sakai Stan (SDE)
- That Day, [Récit complet], Crilley Mark (SDEC)
- Ground Zero, [Récit complet], Davison Al (SDEC)
- This Is Information, [Récit complet], Moore Alan (S), Gebbie Melinda (DE), Cox Jeromy (C)
- [Illustration], French Renee (D)
D : Dessin
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